🔥 Extending Your Patio Use Into Fall

🔥 Extending Your Patio Use Into Fall
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The patio is the centerpiece of backyard entertainment. It is the ideal space to be during spring and summer for barbecues, pool parties and birthday celebrations. For most people, fall signals the beginning of the end for their patio use. But by doing some upgrading to your outdoor space, you can expand the life of your patio past the seasonal transit.

Hi, I’m Michele Irizarry, CEO and broker of Shore Prime Properties. And whether you live in a house or have a balcony off of your condo here in the Long Branch, New Jersey area, here are some additions that can help make your outdoor space the place to be this fall. Fire pit. Your friends and family will love having long talks into the while sitting around your fire pit. And there are a variety of options to choose from to suit your needs. Wood burning fire pits are popular.

Nothing says fall like the smell of burning wood and roasting marshmallows on a cool night. However, if you’re not a fan of building your own fire, you can opt for a gas burning fire pit instead. Fire pits also come array of designs, such as bowls and tables, and you can find models made of concrete composite materials and steel. If you live in a condo, you should check with your association on what the rules are about outdoor fire elements on your deck.

Patio heater. Don’t let the cool temperatures force you inside. A patio heater will help keep comfortable on brisk evenings. Like fire pits, there are several options to choose from to fit your needs. Patio heaters could use gas or electric power and come in tabletop or standalone varieties. One benefit of patio heaters is their mobility. Even most larger models have wheels, allowing you to move them around.

Outdoor fireplace. Like its indoor counterpart, the outdoor fireplace can be the center of your entertaining. Outdoor fireplaces are fixed in place and can be made of stone, steel or both. They can also be custom built to fit your existing outdoor area. One of the best aspects of an outdoor fireplace is it can warm a sizable area. So it is the perfect addition to a larger patio space.

Chimneys are a particular type of outdoor fireplace distinguished by a long chimney like ventilation system. The design of chimneys keeps rain off the fire while providing heat and directing smoke up through its vertical vent. And with its rustic look, chimneys can be a wonderful centerpiece for your patio. But remember, chimneys are not designed for very low outdoor temperatures. So when the winter weather comes, you should plan to store your chimney indoors.

Outdoor kitchen. If you enjoy eating outdoors, upgrade your grill to a full outdoor kitchen cooking some of your favorite comfort foods outside is easy when you have an area to prep food, a sink, and a fridge. Customize your outdoor kitchen space with additional appliances like slow cookers and pizza ovens. There’s nothing like cooking some of your favorite tailgating foods in the backyard while watching the big game with loved ones. For of age guests, an outdoor bar can be an entertainment, highlight. Items like a kegerator, blender, and a stock of spirits ensure that you can make the best seasonal drinks for games and holidays.

Upgraded patio furniture. If you are choosing new patio furniture this fall, think about the material strategically. Metal will be cool to the touch on brisk evenings while wood and wicker can retain heat much better. If you do up to update your metal furniture, do so by adding warm cushions or covers. When it comes to fall, the cozier, the better. Try upgrading your space with some warm blankets, comfy throw pillows, or inviting outdoor couch.

Hot tub. A hot tub is the ultimate edition for rest and relaxation. While it may get too cold to use your pool, you can still soak in a hot tub. There are numerous styles to choose from, in-ground or portable, inflatable or wooden, circular or square. There are many any styles to fit everyone’s needs and preferences. After a long day of working on your home, you’ll love lying back and letting your muscles relax as you watch the stars above.

Entertainment. For many, fall is all about football. No matter if you’re cheering on your Alma mater or your favorite pro team, catching the game means less time outdoor. But by adding an outdoor television to your patio, you could watch the big game al fresco. Remember, get a television made for the outdoors. Setting up a large white screen or sheet and a projector is a great option since you can easily take it down and bring it inside in the event of inclement weather.

Curling up outside under the stars with a movie will be a fun activity for everyone. Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you can’t be active outdoors and playing backyard games is a great way to do it. You can make more permanent additions by adding horseshoe pits or butchy court. Your friends and family can enjoy these throughout the year. Looking for a somewhat less permanent option? [inaudible 00:05:00] is a party favorite and perfect for tailgating at home.

Cool weather plants and veggies. Adding some foliage can make your patio more inviting during the fall. There are plenty of plants that will continue to bloom well into autumn. Try planting lettuce, broccoli, radishes, spinach, and kale. You’ll not only get to show off your green thumb, but you could also enjoy your bounty for dinner.

Outdoor lighting. With the days growing shorter, you’ll need some extra light to be able to enjoy your patio to the fullest. There are plenty of leading options to make a more welcoming backyard, including wall lights, pack lights, and string lights. You could also stagger candles throughout your dining and laundry areas for increased visibility at night.

The sole purpose of your patio is to enjoy it. By applying some of these ideas to your outdoor space, you will have a few more months to make lasting memories with your friends and family. If you have any questions about which upgrades to make and which can give you the best return for your investment, feel free to reach out to us here at Shore Prime Properties. I’m Michele Irizarry, Selling Prime Real Estate at the Jersey Shore.
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