🍁 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In Fall

🍁 4 Reasons To Buy A Home In Fall

Let’s face it- the fall market in the Long Branch, New Jersey area gets a bad rap. The majority of buyers assume that they’ll be unable to find a house that fits their needs during the fall, hence the mad rush during the summer. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hi I’m Michele Irizarry CEO and Broker of Shore Prime Properties. Every week we post content relative to home buyers and sellers as well as interior design and DIY ideas. Please be sure to like and follow Shore Prime Properties on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay up to date. Here are four reasons why a buyer should disregard the myths and make a real estate purchase in the fall.

You are the star of the show: The real estate market typically clears out as soon as the weather turns crisp. The majority of warm weather buyers have already found a home meaning a fall buyer will have less competition for the available houses on the market that spark their interest.

Exhaustion is real: Countless showings and no offers make for one tired seller. After months of no action, lingering summertime sellers are more than ready to make a deal. This puts the buyers in a prime position to negotiate a price that more than fits their budget. Many buyers that couldn’t negotiate deals over the summer are exhausted too. It’s quite possible that the buyer pool can be a bit smaller this time of year.

Home for the holidays: Not only are sellers tired after an unsuccessful summer, the holidays are looming. The majority are aware that if they want to be settled in time for the holiday season they have to close quickly. Buyers can use this time crunch to their advantage.

Season of deals: After settling, furnishing the house is next on a buyer’s list. Fortunately, December proves to be an ideal time to purchase large ticket items. According to Consumer Reports appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers are at their very cheapest. Buyers can also snag great deals on furniture and home decor during an end of year sale.

If you’re serious about moving, there’s no reason to wait until the spring. With just a little patience and persistence you can be in your dream home before the start of the new year. Call us today to get your journey started. I’m Michele Irizarry selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore.

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