🌼 Best Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

🌼 Best Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

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With the arrival of Spring here at the Long Branch, New Jersey Jersey Shore area, you may have the itch to start working on your landscaping. If you’re looking to avoid the stringent upkeep of some plants you will want to add these low-maintenance varieties to your garden. Hi I’m Michele Irizarry CEO and Broker of Shore Prime Properties. Please be sure to follow Shore Prime Properties on Facebook and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get useful content on home maintenance, DIY tips and decor ideas. We also have many articles just like this in our very own magazine “Good to Be Home”. If you would like to have this magazine delivered to your house please reach out to us today to be added to our mailing list. Whether you have a green thumb or a long list of plant casualties, adding these flowers can provide an instant boost to your curb appeal with minimal effort.

Black eyed Susans: This flower is a popular garden addition due to its eye-catching yellow petals and black center. Black-eyed Susans typically bloom from June through September so plant them in spring or fall. However be mindful of where you plant these flowers they can be mildly toxic to household pets when consumed. Your black-eyed Susans will grow best if you plant them in full sun, although a few hours of shade each day won’t hurt. Water them regularly throughout the first year. They will become more drought resistant once established. Pruning dead flowers will help keep them looking sharp and continue to bloom. Plan to divide them every three to four years.

Butterfly Weed: don’t let the word “weed” put you off. This variety of milkweed is a gorgeous addition to any garden with its clustered flowers and hues of orange and yellow that attract bees and butterflies. However it is toxic to humans and pets if consumed. The best time to plant butterfly weed is in early spring after the final frost and it will bloom throughout the summer. Keep your butterfly weed looking beautiful by planting them in areas that provide full sun but a few hours of shade is fine. Plant them in dry, clay or rocky soil. Maintain moist soil conditions during the first year and then they will become more drought tolerant in future seasons. Be patient as these plants take up to three years to fully mature.

White Dolls Daisy: the white dolls daisies white petals and sunny center offers a classic look that will help any garden to stand out. These flowers bloom from August to October which add a nice white to the fall garden. These flowers are also beautiful for bouquets. They can grow tall and will need support. Cutting back plants in late spring keeps them compact . They are perfect for a wildflower garden. Your white dolls daisies will grow best in an area of your yard that gets at least six hours of sun per day. Water regularly in the first season. Established flowers should only need watering during long periods of drought. Plant them in soil that drains well, as excessively moist soil can cause root rot.

We would love to see pictures of your gardens in full bloom this year feel free to send them over to us and we will be happy to feature your beautiful home on our social media sites. Curb appeal is so important to buyers in any kind of market conditions. This is your first impression as the buyer is walking up to your front door or driving by to check out the house for sale. If you need advice on how to spruce up your curb appeal, feel free to reach out to us here at Shore Prime Properties. We are always happy to help. I’m Michele Irizarry selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore.

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