📦 12 Tips For An Organized Move

📦 12 Tips For An Organized Move

Moving into a new home can be one of the most memorable experiences you ever have, but it can also be one of the most stressful. After all, you’re essentially packing up your entire life as you take the leap from one home to another. Hi I’m Michele Irizarry, CEO and Broker of Shore Prime Properties. Throughout the decades we have helped so many people move into new homes and we have seen how planning and organizing smartly and intentionally is vital. Please be sure to like and follow Shore Prime Properties on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to stay up to date with our weekly content that offers helpful tips for the home buying and selling process, DIY tips and decor trends. We also have articles just like this in our very own magazine, “Good to Be Home”. Reach out to us today if you would like to be added to our mailing list. Today we will talk about how you can make your move go as smoothly as you can so that you can thoroughly enjoy the experience and your new home.

The pre-packing phase: Choose to DIY or use professionals: Your first step should be deciding whether you want to take on the move yourself. If so, make sure to enlist as many friends and family members as possible to help you. It’s not only a bonding experience but also a cost-effective one. Buying pizza for your crew is less expensive than paying movers to do it all. On the flip side though, a moving company will be more efficient and save you from a lot of headaches and back strain.

Calculate your costs: If you choose to use a mover who would likely charge by the hour. Shop around and get quotes from at least three businesses. Other cost considerations include packing supplies, a moving truck, mileage, gas and a storage unit.

Collect supplies: Make an educated guess about how many boxes and packing materials you’ll need, remembering that you can never have too many. Ask family members and friends to save cardboard boxes for you and ask grocery stores or big store boxes for large boxes. Regardless of where you get your boxes, make sure they’re sturdy. Visit office supply stores, big box stores or shipping stores for high quality packing tape and bubble wrap. For eco-friendly packing materials use corrugated cardboard or natural packing peanuts or reuse the air pillows that come in your shipped products. You can also utilize your home’s pillows and blankets to wrap fragile items.

Use an organizer: Moving is usually a hectic process so it can be invaluable to have a catch-all for your list of items and to-do’s, contracts, receipts and so on. Create an online folder to keep tabs on everything or use a notebook or binder with pockets. The packing phase:

Cut the clutter: Ask yourself what you really need to bring with you. Moving is a great reason to cut down on clutter. Create separate piles of what you want to keep, toss, donate and sell. Doing so will help make your new home tidier and you also save potentially on the moving costs with fewer things to bring.

Color code your boxes: Assign a color to every room of your home and then organize your boxes accordingly. You can buy or print color labels to tape on the boxes or use different color tape for the same effect. Another tip is to create a number system to share with your movers noting on the boxes which should be unloaded first and which can wait. The number of boxes that should be unloaded first should be packed last into your truck.

Be specific with your labeling: It’s one thing to write Dining Room on a box but what if you have three or four boxes that say that? It could take significant time to root through each box to know what goes where. Instead note everything in the box such as Fine China, Silverware and so on. This is also a great strategy for seasonal decor.

Organize and label your cords: A tangled ball of wires will guarantee frustration when you start setting up your electronics in your new home. Make the connections much easier by labeling each cord with tape and keeping similar cords, for example all the tv wires or all the computer wires, tied together with twist ties.

Keep hardware together: Likewise keeping the screws bolts and nuts with their respective furniture is a time and sanity saver. For example put your bed’s hardware in a plastic bag, label the bag and tape it to the frame and don’t forget to keep your toolbox handy for reassembly.

Keep valuables together: Be intentional with important items that you want to keep close during the move such as keys and phone chargers. Also you may want to pack important items or documents separately and bring them with you in your car rather than loading them into the truck. Even if you hire movers, planning for all the effort that you put into packing you also need to think ahead about your new place to complete your stress-free moving process.

Pack for one day: It’s essential to make sure everyone gets comfortable in their new surroundings and a great way to do this is to make sure each person has clothes, toiletries and other necessities to get them through the first day. They can be packed in a backpack or a box and brought separately in your car so they don’t get lost among the other boxes.

Let your interior designer loose: Take a print out of your home’s new layout or do a rough sketch on draft paper and jot down where you’re going to put each piece of furniture in each room. This will make everything infinitely easier and everyone will be much happier.

When it comes time to setting up, moving can be an exhilarating experience. If done right with these tips your move will be organized and satisfying creating a smooth transition into your new home. If you’re ready to make a move reach out to us here at Shore Prime Properties. We are always happy to help make this transition in your life as joyful and easy as possible. I’m Michele Irizarry selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore.

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