💫 Top Luxury Home Features of 2021

💫 Top Luxury Home Features of 2021
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What once were considered to be the quintessential features of a luxury home have quickly been redefined over this past year. There will always be certain items that remain on the list of must have luxury home features. But with so much changing in our world, home sellers and buyers have shifted focus on other areas of life that our homes must now provide for.

Hi, I’m Michele Irizarry, CEO and broker of Shore Prime Properties. After working with sellers and buyers in the Long Branch New Jersey, Jersey Shore area for almost two decades, I have seen certain features help to sell properties more quickly, and we are going to touch on a few key ones today.

Modern technology. Technology helps to make our lives a little easier. Moving beyond voice activated systems, luxury homeowners are installing software in their homes that can control temperature, lighting, appliances security, and even window treatments. Being able to control these things from an app on a cell phone, literally puts daily functions of a home at the tip of your fingers.

Outdoor kitchens. With people being afraid to travel or fears keeping more people home, the outdoor space plays a more important role than ever before. The backyard is not only the recreational space, but the nature retreat from the endless Zoom meetings and conference calls that are taking place inside the home. Having the feeling of getting away and being able to cook joy hot meals outside have definitely moved up on a luxury home buyer’s list.

Flexible living space. It has long been established that modern open floor plans are favored by luxury homeowners. These days, as more people are working from home and more students are attending classes online, the need for flexible space has grown exponentially. The dining room, for example, could double as a conference room, while the home office could be utilized as the quiet classroom from the rest of the house. Having versatile space within the home is essential to supporting the mobile way of life that is mainly home based.

Health and wellness features. Living through a pandemic has many people focusing on healthier ways to live, this includes an assortment of luxury features throughout the home. Many of these include air cleansing and water purification systems with so much emphasis on potentially bringing outside germs into the house, Forbes.com states that the mudroom is now being transformed into a disinfection room. These rooms are featuring hand washing stations, hand sanitizer machines that dispense temporary shoe covers and lots of copper based metals, which are well known for being antimicrobial. These are just a few key elements that buyers love to see in luxury homes.

As summer is typically a great time for home improvements, feel free to be reach out to us for a complimentary pre-renovation consultation. We can advise on which projects could bring the best return for your investment. Looking forward to hearing from you. I’m Michelle Irizarry selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore.
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