☀️ Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

☀️ Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

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The days are getting longer and the temperature is increasing here in Long Branch, New Jersey at the Jersey Shore. This means that summer will be here before you know it. Before the season arrives it is essential that you get ready for the warm months ahead. Hi I’m Michele Irizarry, CEO and Broker of Shore Prime Properties. Please be sure to like and follow the Shore Prime Properties pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. Articles just like this can be found in our very own magazine, “Good to Be Home”,  as well as on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and contact us if you would like to be put on our mailing list to receive the magazine. Make sure your home is ready for anything summer throws your way by completing these maintenance tasks.

We’ll start with outside your home: You’ll probably spend an extended amount of time in your yard this summer so take the proper steps now to help you enjoy your outdoor space.

Prep your air conditioner: Ensure your air conditioner is ready to go by removing debris from the condenser unit and cleaning or replacing the air filters. You may also want to schedule a professional tune-up.

Clean your gutters: Your gutters have the important job of directing water away from your home but they can become clogged with leaves, sludge and even small branches. So take some time to remove any debris that has built up or hire a professional for complicated gutter cleanings.

Clean your windows and screens: Pesky allergens can easily get caught in your window and door screens. Before opening the windows and letting the warm air in make sure that you clean everything so that the allergens don’t make it inside your home. Mulch flower beds: Add a fresh layer of mulch to protect your plants and make your landscaping look sharp. Weeds can quickly take over your flower beds so use this time to clear away any unwanted plants before they grow out of control.

Pressure wash your exterior: Pressure washing your home and walkways can help cut the grime that builds up over winter and spring. While you can do this chore on your own by either buying or renting a power washer, you may want to hire a professional. If your home is particularly large professionals have the equipment to do a more efficient job and get the areas that you may struggle to clean.

Reseal your driveway: Extend the lifespan of your driveway by resealing. It should be sealed every two to three years depending on its material and with a variety of weather that we witness here at the Jersey Shore- rain, snow and hot and steamy summers, you may need more frequent sealings.

Prep your outdoor space: It’s time to set up your deck or patio: Wash your furniture, the cushions, the grill and deep clean your deck or patio. This is also an excellent time to reseal or restain your deck or patio to help give it a brand new look.

Now let’s go inside your home: While it’s important to clean up your exterior before summer’s arrival it’s equally important to tackle some routine maintenance inside the house.

Add or replace insulation: Insulation keeps your home warm in winter but also cool in the summer. Add or update the insulation in both your attic and walls to keep your home comfortable year round.

Reseal or replace weatherstripping: Don’t let cool air go out the door this summer. Check your windows and doors for drafts and damage to seals. Now is the time to take care of it. If it doesn’t seem like something you can accomplish yourself, you can call a professional for assistance.

Check your ceiling fans: Most ceiling fans allow you to change the direction that they spin.Blades spinning clockwise help the heat to rise during the winter but you will want your fans running counterclockwise to circulate cooler air in the summer.

Switch to lighter bedding: Most people want a cool place to sleep on a muggy summer night. Make sure to put away your flannel sheets or wool blankets and replace them with breathable cotton sheets.

Before vacation: If you’ve already planned a summer getaway, make sure to get your home ready before you leave for your trip.

Check the batteries: Check that all the batteries in your smoke detectors are up to date. These devices are crucial for early fire detection and your neighbors are likely to hear them and alert the fire department.

Turn off the air: Consider turning off your air conditioner. There’s no need to keep it running unless you have pets or expect extreme heat and it will save you money on your next energy bill. You can install a smart thermostat that you can control from your phone, allowing you to regulate the temperature while you’re away.

Clean out the fridge: Are you heading out for an extended trip? Clean out the refrigerator and throw away anything that will expire while you’re gone. This will help prevent unpleasant messes and odors in your fridge upon your return.

By taking care of these tasks now, you’ll be ready to kick back and relax. We hope that your summer season is filled with happiness and good memories. I’m Michele Irizarry, selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore.

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