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National Real Estate Market Update: April, 2020

What’s happening in real estate with all that’s been going on? Now more than ever it’s important to stay up-to-date with what’s happening. The government is changing on a day to day basis what we can and cannot do. 

Despite all the change that’s going on, one thing will remain constant: people will still need to buy and people will still need to sell. There are opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Now more than ever as a seller, it’s important that you work with an agent that knows how to fully utilize digital marketing video and social media. Knowing how to utilize these things correctly is imperative. It can mean the difference between 40 or 50 people seeing your property or 30,000 people seeing your property. It’s easy enough just to post homes on your personal page or your business page, but being that Facebook is a business, they need our advertising money in order to stay in business.

We here at Shore Prime Properties are experienced digital marketers. We specialize in digital marketing and exposing properties to thousands of people that are in the community and outside of the community as well. We’ve spent thousands of dollars on ad spend and mastering and hiring the best of the best trainers and coaches to teach us how to fully utilize digital marketing to our clients advantage. We have exposed our properties to thousands of people with our videos. 

Here are a few examples: 

A property we marketed in Atlantic Highlands received 1,376 minutes of watch time on our video – that’s just over twenty two extra hours!

One of our listings in Long Branch also got 799 minutes and another property we marketed in Long Branch was exposed to over 30,000 people! Think about that- that is a lot of eyes on your property!

According to Forbes, 90% of customers say that a video has helped them in their buying decision. Also according to Forbes, 64% of customers say that a video has made them more likely to buy. So imagine just how powerful it is to have hundreds and thousands of people watching the videos that we produce on the properties that we sell.

Watch time and exposure is imperative at a time like this, especially when in-person showings are as limited as they are. We’ve got you covered. We do virtual online open houses, but more importantly is that we know how to reach, target and retarget people to get them into the online virtual open house.

Buyers, you have opportunities as well. The competition is not quite as stiff as it was about a month ago. We do expect when this is all over that there will be a surge of buyers as interest rates are still at an all-time low. So if your situation allows, try to take advantage of this great time and hopefully avoid the bidding wars that we’ve been seeing and buy now.

We are always here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at Shore Prime Properties where we will go over all of your options and help walk you through what is the best direction for you to take. As always stay safe, stay healthy, stay informed and feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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