New Features at Long Branch Beaches


There are many exciting changes at the Long Branch beaches and boardwalk this summer! First, if you are looking for a seasonal beach pass, they are for sale at the corner of Ocean Ave. and S. Bath Ave. daily Monday – Friday 10am-3pm.

Some new additions that make the beach even more family friendly are the addition of the pirate ship shaped playgrounds that now along the beaches. There are 4 of them out on the sand. 

The Long Branch Beach Hut is a great addition to the boardwalk. There are three of these concession stands along the boardwalk. This makes it very convenient to get great food without leaving the boardwalk area. 

Finally, there are many comfort stations and restrooms all along the boardwalk to make your visit as comfortable as possible. If you have not been to the Long Branch beach, you definitely have to come for the summer of 2018. It’s an amazing place to visit and an even better city to live in!

Want your own beach map highlighting these new features? Click HERE to download one for yourself!